Bookmarks: 5 Interesting Articles That May Help You This Week

May 21st, 2018

Each week, I select a few articles that rise above the fray and hopefully help you on your journey in the CRE world. They pull from one of four “corners:” corporate real estate, technology, management science and anything positive. I welcome your comments on these articles and the submissions of others (with credit to you if I post them). I wish you a terrific week! 

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The End Of Parking Lots As We Know Them: Designing For A Driverless Future
“Over time, vehicles in autonomous ride-service fleets are expected to be electric, and as their numbers grow, the need for gasoline stations in city centers will drop. When that happens, it opens up a big source of real estate for redevelopment, as does the potential to create new uses for land dedicated to street-level parking.

“Think about all the real estate frontage of all our streets, if we take that back for people space, for green space, for amenity space, restaurants or cafes, right there on our city streets,” Cohen said. “This is our big opportunity as architects, designers and urban planners to take our city streets back.”


How the World’s Biggest Companies Are Fine-Tuning the Robot Revolution
“The big question surrounding automation has long been whether robots would compete with workers or help them. Initially, workers feared robots would destroy jobs across the economy. Scholarly research and real-life experience have eased that concern, although some types of workers and industries are ending up on the losing side.

Today, the question is more precise: In which industries does automation help both employer and employee?”

How Retail Stores Can Thrive in the Age of Amazon
“In other words, with the old models for retail broken, or at least a good deal less sturdy, and rents finally in decline, risks are being taken. That willingness to experiment means that certain seemingly threatened — but perhaps more resilient than imagined — retailers such as bookstores are returning in new forms. Shakespeare & Co. is opening four stores, but they’re much smaller than the old ones, only 2,000-to-3,000 square feet, because new technology allows books to be printed and bound while you wait, minimizing the need for shelf space”

Your success blesses others. I wish you a great a hugely impactful week!

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